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the city cafe is extinct

“We have to be very careful,” Mr. Perrey continued. “If we standardize everything in France, and we study everything, and forbid everything, we destroy respect for our culture. We need to preserve the cafe bar. What is a village but a cafe, a school, a pharmacy, a bakery and a city hall?”

I don't know why I like this quote. But I just do. I think it has to do with the fact that nothing is sacred anymore. Before you could live in the hopes that you could escape this capitalist world and go off to France and open up a cafe and listen to the cafe patrons quib about the economy while they sip their espressos. But not so anymore. Alas, the economy has spread its fangs towards Europe and the sacred European cafes so much that they are now going out of business and because the simple pleasures have been so curtailed, life is no longer fun.

What is life, if the cafe bar is no longer fun, is no longer there...

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That is so right, that's why I love French culture so much. Here in the states, everything has to be bigger, faster, pricey, cheaper, etc. The French motto seems to be more along the lines of keep it simple, less is more.

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