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During an uneventful day at work

So I successfully "un-jinxed" the $200 electric bill to not coming true. It was at a reasonable rate under $100, yay!

Trying to schedule some vacation time to any of these places, (San Francisco (squeeze in a trip to Napa), New York, San Diego, Santa Barbara and Miami) some I have been to and some I haven't and some I am just dying to go to. In the midst of the recession you would think hotels would chill for a bit and charge reasonable rates, instead it's all over $69 a night. Back in the hey day, I have paid up to $112 a night for a hotel, but that was back in the day when I had not exceeded my credit limits on my credit cards. Now, the sad fact of the matter is, if I want to vacation at all, I can no longer afford to vacation alone. Not unless the rates are $50 a night or less. That's the cold hard truth. So that has just put a stop to my luxurious vacation planning. Either that, or I can only vacation once, for my birthday. I'll save my money up to that time and go big or stay home.

If they had hotels-for-less deals on craigslist, just the same way, you get furniture for less, shoes for less, electronics for less. If they had, "crash at my house for less" deals on craisglist, that would really help in this economy.

I read this article in the New York Times about how restaurants in new York that wouldn't normally have reservations 3 months in advance, have reservations now, the night of, make concessions to accomodate their patrons, which they termed "hugging the customer" and generally have prix fixe deals fo certain dining hours. Very nice. The diner wins for one. What's the deal with the hotels then?


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