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much rather make friends with men
I would much rather make friends with men than women.

Women are such dickheads. One minute they want to be your friend, next minute once a man comes along, or some jealousy creeps up, they just start to hyperventilate and the friendship is ruined. You make friends with these stupid co-workers at work and the weekend comes they dont' even text you a simple note hi. But they spend the entire weekend texting some guy who is probably never going to respond. And they see you on Monday and act like you're their favorite person ever.

The weird thing is you never know where the jealousy or the unforeseen malice aforementioned is from, they just decide that hey, they just don't want to "do you" anymore. I've never experienced such fickleness with men.

With men, the only fear is that they would start to develop feelings for you that may or may not be returned. I can so deal with that. They like to have fun, go out drink like crazy, watch movies, they are always down for whatever. Women are just too fickle. Every time I've invited some girl out somewhere, you always have to make it seem like this is a "girl-date" (read: opposite of man-date) I am not gay, I just want to hang out and not have to sit at the bar or dance by myself. But their nerves get all riled up like you asked them out or something. And they feel pressured to say yes, but minutes before the date they text you to cancel, with some crazy excuse about their cat, or dog being ill.

I was watching old Sex and the City episodes last night and I couldn't help thinking that inasmuch as we love that show, it is so unrealistic, women cannot all be friends like that and evrything is "honky-doory" and they all hang out together at least once a week. Nope, it cannot happen, once a quarter is a myth. And they know that, that's why it's such a great show, like a fantasy.

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aren't you lucky? you get gay male co-workers. I get older married women, that would rather go sit home with their cats on a Friday night than go out.

It's just something I miss, I've had gay and straight good friends and its been fine, no drama whatsoever.

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