notes to a negro

Hello All: 

For the past 3 days been working on releasing my most personal writings into a book. When I say they're personal, they really are, deep, provocative, saucy, and raunchy.  

I'm hoping y'all will support me in this quest to have my words read publicly. This is bigger than a blog, few hits at a time, making zero dollars from the blog. This is more personal and I am MORE invested in it, in this, in my words. 

Please, tell all your friends that are of age, cos this is MATURE CONTENT. Buy the paperback book, if possible. I've priced it really low. 

Just try to be my support system in this. I know it's not the most intellectual of writings but if y'all could enjoy #365dni then my book should be a breeze.

Thanks for reading this far.  

And the link is below so you can order the e-book and the order the paperback as well. I'm super excited and proud of myself even though I feel so exposed and vulnerable but that is what you do as a writer, you open yourself up to the world and the best material is your raw experience. And...I may be single but I've #entangled A LOT!  What else can you write about but your #entanglements 

All my love.  

Notes to a Negro...Available NOW!!! 

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Trip to Santa Barbara - 2010

Some things you plan, for your safety you plan them. But some you leave up to chance. And the God of all single people will look out for you and guarantee you a good time, even though you might be solo. 

This was certainly one of them. 

Because No One Likes You - My BH Story

I knew I was being unduly punished all because I spoke truth to power and called the corporation I worked for out on their inefficiencies, incompetencies, this rubbed certain people, the decision makers the wrong way. I had heard that people who speak up are usually marginalized and pushed back, called "difficult", "confrontational," you name it. 

In my case, I was called a wrong fit, translated to mean, "No one likes you."