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how unbecoming
Was supposed to go see this viewing of this play tonight, actually looking forward to it since Tuesday but I had a horrendous day today and it is slightly muggy outside that I am just so glad to be home. Just wish it wasn't on a Friday night.  

I spent the day at the airport trying to ship my aunt and her 5 bags back to NIgeria. Apparently, there is no such thing as excess baggage. You take 2 bags and that's it. You can't take anymore...the rest you can either kiss goodbye or ship it. So we chose to ship it. And this took $1000 and 5 hours of my day. And in between I encountered the worst fucking airline you can ever think of ---also known as Delta airlines. God willing I will never fly that airline again, not even if it's free. The worst fucking staff make up the worst fucking airline. It's a pity they didn't go under like was earlier "hoped", the gods of the economy and fairness was trying to do us a favor and put them out of business. 

So I am home, just glad to be home safe from all the chaos can be cruel and evil and filled with so many twists and turns, make you want to sit home not step outside and encounter the evil in this world. 

Ye. that's me the home hermit on a Friday night. 

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Yep...the home hermit team representing...woo woo!!

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