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The Dark Knight at the Oscars
I don't think it's fair that the Dark Knight didn't win any of the awards that I had hoped for. It started off with a snub for that marvelous brilliant director Chris Nolan, and then, they deny them basic awards like sound editing and worst of all, Cinematography.


The scenes from that movie are filled with sheer genius, it's hard to deny that masterminds were involved in the making of that film. Epic genius. While to me, Slumdog is more like unintentional epic movie, that was just so well-received. I suppose it's the newness in Slumdog that's getting them interested. Bollywood has come to the Oscars!

As said in the New York Times:

 "No matter how cynical you feel about Hollywood, it is hard not to fall for a film that makes room for a shot of the Joker leaning out the window of a stolen police car and laughing into the wind, the city’s colored lights gleaming behind him like jewels,"  "He’s just a clown painted on black velvet, but he’s also some kind of masterpiece."




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